Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life As A Ranch Wife #4

Life As A Ranch Wife #4

When it comes to supper, you never know what time of the night you'll eat.  Back when it was just the Rancher and his Wife. The wife was a good wife and would wait and eat supper with her Rancher. Bad news for the scale and my clothes for that matter! Snacking until supper is a terrible idea! Now that I'm an even better wife I cook supper and eat it at normal hours with the Lil' Rancher then TRY to hold supper for the Rancher until he makes it home for the night.  Lesson #723479723 in Rancher/Farm wife initiation: Buy Use a crock pot! Last week here I was thinking  oh I'll be a nice Wife and have supper warm/hot for him for when he gets home.... I learned why I normally put it away and then warm him up a plate once he is home. We got busy playing with Lil' Rancher before it was time to put him down for bed when I smelt something I knew we were in trouble!  I burnt the spaghetti sauce, so bad that it ruined the nice teflon pan. Now let me tell you it's not fun to cook or clean with that pan now.

Lesson #723479724 Don't be an over achiever, let him warm up his own supper! It really is for his own good. (more reasons than one) 

Insert pan pictures here... I really did try  to be a good blogger and take pictures, but Lil Rancher is too cute to resist pictures so I ran out of room and the pan had to go! ! !

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