Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tis' The Season...

It's that time again... Cattle processing time...

Time to sterilize the syringes with boiling water.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

For The Love Of Fall!

Because it's my favorite season...

I'm dedicating...

This first post of October...

To the season of fall...

Some call it autumn, but it's fall.

My Top Fav's of Fall

1. It's softball season.  Point. blank.  I am immediately brought back to high school softball on a brisk fall morning especially in October, because that means it's the POST SEASON! Summer softball is fun, but it's nothing compared to fall ball!

2. It's Football season.  Point blank on that one too.

3. It's sweatshirt season. Nothing better than beating the heat all summer to FINALLY being able to put on your jeans and sweatshirts. Ah!!!

4. Hot Chocolate and Hot Tea.  I'm absolutely not a coffee drinker, never have been, never will be. So when it is chilly enough for me to embrace the warmth of hot chocolate or tea in a coffee mug I totally dig it and can see why people drink coffee...... HA! Just kidding on that last part. Gag-A-Mag!

5. The colors. There is something to be said about the colors of the sunsets and sunrises beautiful!!! Add in the turning leaves and you have heaven on earth!  

6. Fall Harvest.  There is also something to be said about fall harvest.  Harvest in general is a very busy and on a slight time crunch.  But with fall harvest it is much "bigger" (for lack of better phrasing) In other words we have two crops to harvest in the fall which is more than the one wheat crop during summer harvest. Ya still following? No? Yeah me neither!  I just like fall harvest okay? Okay!

7. It's not summer.  So I like summer and all, but it's no fall, and fall's not summer. Comprehende'? Fall is also not winter. I'm usually not ready for winter right after we have a hot summer, so it's great that we get fall to ease into winter. Okay, i'm glad we had this talk!

7a. Because 7 is my favorite number i'm stopping there folks. Sorry.

7b. Pumpkin patches!