Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life As A Ranch Wife #1

Well, this is my very first blog.  I tried to get it set up quite a few days ago, but it wasn't working. Go figure I had all my brainy thoughts on what to blog about; different themes for different days that sort of thing and I was very much into it then, but this is now and I've been awake since 4 AM with little man. But you can't be a blogger if you never start...

So here it is... Blogging Day 1

I think to start it off I'll do my very own Life As A Ranch Wife Lessons 1-10, maybe more, maybe less. Maybe it will end up like "you might be a ranch wife if..." but then again it might not. :D I'm a bit indecisive.

Ranch Wife Lesson #1

You might be a ranch wife if... you get compared to his cattle.  
"...oh so you don't feel good, ya want a shot of penicillin, or how about LA200 it always picks 'em up"
Or the classic...
"... don't worry I can pull a calf, I'll be sure to pack my chains just in case!" 
Most cattle references refer to calvin' season or breedin' season... Go Figure!

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I've already added you to my list of morning blogs to read! Feel free to ask me any questions, I had alot when I first started and still do. Looking forward to reading!