Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life as a Ranch Wife #2

Well after starting, and posting the first time yesterday I kind of wondered if I really was going like this blogging adventure. Then, in the middle of cooking supper I had some smashing ideas!  I took some notes down and started a running tab of "things to blog about". This could be fun!

Life As A Ranch Wife #2

I had full intentions for this blog series to be anything but serious or lovey dovey; and for it to be funny like something I had recently read about what the Rancher expects his wife to do when it comes to working cattle or like the previous Life As A Ranch Wife #1, how no matter what or where everything always gets related back to cattle. But if there is one thing that always remains the same... the Rancher will keep his wife on her toes at all times and the Wife can't always predict the Ranchers next move, last night that point was proved.  The Rancher came home from a hard day of work; (not that he doesn't work hard but this is the easier time of year for him) I showed him my first blog, he liked it by the way.  He then throws me the news paper and tells me to read a story that the editor had submitted.
"Here, you need to read this you'll like it." I don't read the paper much, I usually rely on him to tell me the news that I need to know, so I wasn't too thrilled to read this but thought it must be good. The Rancher then says right before I start reading " you'll really like it and I bet you'll tear up" That's it, I got my armor on I will not let him be right! So I begin reading, it is kind of a lengthy story but I get 3/4 done with it and... he was right, I began to tear up.  I looked at him and said "dang it, you were right?" We joked a bit about that statement and the tears dried up and I finished the article. Then the Rancher said " I'd do that for you babe"  Such a sweet story about a dying husband getting his wife out of the house so that he could prepare their much loved garden for their next anniversary that he would miss out on.  As well as record a video of him telling her about how he planned their first anniversary apart. It was truly a very sweet and loving story and the rough n' tough Rancher reminded me that he can in fact be the remantic (long story) that he once was when we first started dating.  
This isn't the exact story, but it is similar.

The Rancher and his Wife.

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  1. Ah,that is such a sweet story! I only hope for one that good.....someday. I'm glad you had a brainstorming session for the blog...I'll be honest, I'm about due for one too, so that I'll have some drafts waiting for me on blogger! :)