Friday, November 15, 2013

..Soul Food Friday.. on the wrong Friday..

Ok I'm a little late at the soul food Friday link up with Jen, i'm a rebel like that. But here you go.

What feeds my soul? The moments in life where you're having too much fun to stop and take pictures. Remember the Brad Paisley song who needs pictures? " who needs pictures with a memory like mine..."  Let me just paint you a picture of our awesome weekend. 

Sleeping in until 10:30! Now I usually don't like to sleep in much past 8 but after going two years with out a full nights sleep between being pregnant an then the non-sleeping lil rancher. I induldged and slept lots of family time at the farm including a combine ride during milo harvest checking first calf heifers on grass and a nap in the pickup for the little rancher. On Sunday followed, church, quick lunch, and a bummer turned around to an awesome afternoon with friends.  We got moved to a new field to try and finish up milo harvest, but the test cut was too wet, so that ment an afternoon off of work for my rancher.  We enjoy a couple beverages, picked some fresh apples, looked at horses and cattle and had good company and conversation in BEAUTIFUL weather!!! It doesn't get much better for a fall day folks!

Cheers to many more days and weekends like this one...

* Ok so I've been preoccupied and have let this sit for awhile. So when I said this weekend... I really ment like a month ago when it was still Fall and not almost winter and Thanksgiving... oh well it was still wonderful and i'm really looking forward to the next one!

Happy Friday Everyone!