Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Proud! ! !

So what if you can't understand it all. He's 16 mo old.

He sings his ABC's, George Strait, and the National Anthem...

He throws away his dirty diapers.

He always puts his shoes in his basket.

He grabs the pot holder from his dad in the living room and takes it into the kitchen and puts it away. This one impresses me!

He can sign more and milk.

His words are few and far between but he says: Dally, Tractor, Mom, Dad, What's this, Cow translated to MOOOOOOOO, UtOh, and Cheese.

He has grown from 9lb 9oz. 21 inches to be 29 lb. and 34 inches in those very short 16 months.

He has dimples, bluest of eyes, and the brightest smile.

His hair is blonde and getting blonder.

He has had three hair cuts.

He is not a baby anymore.

He is the sweetest and then at the same time the most strong willed "little boy".

He. Is. Cooper. My. Cooper.

Loves bouncing.

Loves blowing kisses.

Blurry, but that's what you get when you try to snap a picture of a very active boy.

All Smiles. All The Time.

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  1. He is an adorable little man! And by all his accomplishments sounds like you guys are doing an amazing job as parents! I can't wait to watch him grow on your blog!