Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here's To You

My best friend is getting married this weekend. She's my sister. My non sibling sister. My best friend. That's female and not my husband because it should go without saying that he is truly my best friend, but we won't get into that, this is about My Best Friend...... AKA Brianne

Most people call her Bri, and I do too but that's very unusual she'll always be Brianne to me.

From kindergarten playground playing to third grade cursive instructing to matching shoes in fourth grade to sports playing and sleepovers to college roommates for four years to going our separate ways for careers/jobs (as neither of us are currently employed doing something pertaining to our degree which is okay) for a farmer husband and starting a family for almost four years now that's been me, the lifer Kansan farmer/rancher's wife and now that is going to be her title too, I'm so excited to share that title with her! She's going to make an awesome Coloradan farmer's wife. 

(this was my attempt to convert her to country during our college years)
Her soon to be hubby one upped me though and got her into a pair of overalls, classic!

On a visit back home a local lady that I knew quite well had welcomed me into the farmer's wife club, back then I was still green; I smiled nodded and said thank you not knowing what else to do or really what was ment by that.  Now that i'm not so fresh into the scene I understand where she was coming from and it is an honor to be a farmers wife and to be in the farmer's wife club. (Now i'm not saying we pay dues and meet once a month, but it is still a very valid club, one to treasure!)

Remember the commercial from the super bowl, "So God Made A Farmer"?  I saw this poem on facebook so I tracked it down you can read the blog it came from here.

"So God Made A Farmer's Wife" - By Sierra Shea
And on the 9th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, Oh dear, the farmer is going to need help." So God made a farmer's wife.  
God said, "I need somebody who will get up before dawn, make breakfast, work all day in the kitchen, bank, school, or alongside her farmer and then come home to fix supper and wash up the dishes." So God made a farmer's wife.  
God said, " I need somebody willing to sit up all night with their newborn son. And watch him grow. Then pray each morning and teach her children to say, 'please and thank you.' I need somebody who can make a fried-egg sandwich, stretch a paycheck or thicken soup, who can clean her house with vinegar, baking soda and hot water. And who, planting time and harvest season, will finish her forty-hour week on Friday, then, join her farmer in the field for another two days, six meals and five loads of laundry." So God made a farmer's wife.  
God said, "I need somebody strong enough to plant trees and heave bales, to co-sign a loan for a half a million with steady hands, yet gentle enough to tame show lambs and raise kids and calm the farmer when he's upset over higher rent or lower corn, who will stop her work for an hour to talk on the phone to her neighbor who just found out her mother is sick.  Somebody who could cook and clean and not cut corners. Somebody to wash, dry, iron, tidy, feed, rake, water, drive, check the homework and pack the lunch bags and remember the basketball schedule and replenish the refrigerator and finish a hard week's work with a five-mile ride to church.
 "Somebody who'd sew a family together with the soft strong stitches of sharing, who would laugh and then sigh and then reply, with smiling eyes, when her daughter says she wants to spend her life "doing what mom does." So God made a farmer's wife.

"Here's to you, to everything we've held onto, the secrets that no one else knew." -Eli Young Band

Cheers to you Brianne and Shane! Wishing you 100 years of love and happiness and lots of rain! Rain makes corn, corn makes ..... a lot of things but mostly rain makes for a happy farmer and farmers wife!  Excited for Friday and ecstatic for Saturday!!!

Congrats again and welcome to the Farmer's Wives Club 

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  1. Such a sweet post Sara. I hope fun was had by all at the wedding! I was also wedding-ing it up this weekend....except in TX!