Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Of A Ranch ..... #6

Life Of A Ranch Cowboy's Wife Daughter #1/6

He taught me how to rope and ride and how to be a tough ol' cowboy/girl... He gave up on teaching me how to rope and well, I don't blame him.  Now it's time for him to teach my boy how to rope, ride and how to be a tough ol' cowboy.  
Here are some of the teaching that took place this spring and summer.

"haya! haya!"

Face off with the hereford.

"Grandpa, this is how it's done"
"always count them in and out of the pen"
Pre-ride pep talk.

OK, so ignore pretty much everything in this picture.
1. How ugly this picture makes the horse look because he really doesn't look that bad.
2. The fact that Cooper is screaming and wanting down.

Just notice that they are all three together. :)

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